Keeping Trade Local

OK, so this blog is not directly about Picture Framing, but I think it’s worth talking about in the context that it affects all of us, across all industries.

I was inspired after attending an FSB Business Breakfast networking event today in Weston-Super-Mare.  It made me realise that it isn’t just about promoting yourself and your business but contributing to your local economy.  It benefits everyone (even your customers).

Yes, yes, we all know it and people bang on about it all time, but the penny dropped for me today in real terms, this really affects me and everyone in my industry.

It was great to talk to other local business about how they were doing.  Getting other people’s points of view and experiences was just so valuable.

As a member of the FSB (Federation of Small Businesses / or /, I’m pleased to support their “Keep Trade Local” campaign.

Get involved wherever you can!  Preach over!

Just as a note … I’m now also attending the FSB Best Of Bristol trade event on Tuesday 1st March 2011 at Ashton Gate football ground ( … and in the spirit of the framing fairy’s blogs, twitters and the like, I’m attending a free seminar on Social Media, very apt!


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