Love me, love my bad grammar

I can’t believe that I’m writing another piece on my new blog that is not directly helping anyone with framing!  But, I feel compelled to write on this subject, as I think it’s relevant to the forum.

On Radio 4, this morning, they were talking about a re-tweet by them, from someone else, which had a grammatical error in it.  It had caused a storm on Twitter yesterday and sparked a debate on whether or not it really mattered.

I love to write, I find it very freeing but I know that I’m not the best writer in the world and you will of course, find the odd error here and there.

When I began writing another blog in the recent past (nothing to do with framing), I was worried about making mistakes and used to get a dear friend of mine to give my work the once over.  She detests grammatical errors with fierce passion!  She did me a great favour (you know who you are) and of course my work would come back with corrections and suggestions exactly as I had asked.  The only problem was (on my part not hers!) I found that it rather made me go a bit limp, the gusto in which I had written it, seemed to fade and the passion died.

If I ever fell out with her, I could always force my blogs onto her, it would give her nightmares (so, if you’re reading this, mine’s a pint thanks!)

My point is that she is perfectly correct but for me it took the spirit away from how I originally envisaged it.

You see, the thing that I love in humans is the very thing that I love in writing.  It’s not perfect, it’s more about the personality, it can be a bit rough around the edges, it comes in all shapes and sizes, warts and all.  But usually their actions are well intended and done with love.

I didn’t have the best education (I spend most of it somewhere I shouldn’t), I came from a working class family who had aspirations (thanks for that,I feel very lucky), I also suffer a bit from word blindness but it doesn’t stop my desire to write and share knowledge.

It’s like when you see someone talking who is passionate, excited or angry about something.  They almost can’t get their words out or their words are mis-formed, but if you interrupted them mid flow, it would rather kill the moment and that’s how I feel about writing.

The internet has enabled people from all backgrounds to have a voice.  It cuts across class, age, ability and expertise.

If you get the gist of what someone is saying, you learn something or get the spirit of the piece; does it really matter if you come across the odd mistake?

I can see it from all sides but for me, when I need to share something or say something the most important thing is that someone understands what I’m trying to get across.

Back onto the framing for my next blog I promise!



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