Colour Trends: Part 1 – What’s all this rubbish then?

To a chunk of our customers, what’s on trend in terms of colours and home styles, is very important and I feel that some Framers don’t take enough notice of this.

I’ve said elsewhere on my blogs, you only have to look at the massive market there is for home programmes and magazines.  Very rarely though, does picture framing appear to pop it’s head up (unless it’s an afterthought obligatory black ready frame or a DIY rescue project!).

Not all framing businesses are the same and there isn’t a one size fits all approach to it.  But it works for us to be in tune with our customers and what their needs are and I don’t think enough framers choose to do this.

To do that, we need to be in touch with the real world and those customers who live in it!  Only then can you fully engage and understand your customers.  This in turn surely builds lasting relationships.

Not all of your customers will be bothered about what’s hot and what’s not and that’s fine too.  As a Framer, you will know very well, that it takes all your skills and expertise to get the right balance.  Gauging your customer’s framing “personalities” is a very important part of the process (and I’m not just talking about knowing what your regulars like).

There’s a whole new generation of potential customers who are hungry for interaction and someone with their finger on the pulse.  When buying bits for their properties or thinking about wallpaper, why are picture frames at the bottom of the list?  Do we ask ourselves what their perception is?  (Actually I do but that’s not to say I always get it right!).

In the context of this blog, if you can visualise what’s “on trend” in the homes market, you can have a connection with your customers and that builds strong ties.  Think about the type of properties in your area and try to envisage their interiors.

People love their homes!  It’s where they express themselves, where they feel safe to communicate the type of person they are.  Here they can display their tastes, their political or environmental views or just show a different side to their character.  So, what they choose to put in it, counts!  Add that to your in-depth knowledge of materials and techniques and you could end up with a toolbox that’s dynamite!

This in no way replaces your professional advice on what suits a particular style of picture but it should all be considered in the mix, so that you can give balanced advice whilst demonstrating that you understand your customer’s needs and likes.

I’ve been taught framing from a very odd angle (if you’ll mind the pun), yes, I understand the technical stuff, but that’s my Partner’s job.  My bag comes from the aesthetics and the stories behind the customer and/or their piece to be framed.  I’m interested in what they think, what their perceptions are, where this piece is going to fit and how they live with it.

So in this two (or three haven’t decided yet) part look into “colour trends”, I hope to show my understanding of what’s popular at the moment in terms of colour and how it can link to framing in an interior design way.  This can influence what fluid ranges you can add alongside the staples on your chevron board.  Or, can just be there at the back of your head when a customer is trying to describe something to you.  If you’ve kept up to date, you are more likely to be able to understand what they are looking for.

To follow: Colour Trends Part 2 – with pictures!


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