2011 Key Home Colour Trend One: Yellow

Right, finally getting around to doing this blog!  Rather appropriately to start with, its Yellow.  The sun is out and it sounds and looks like Spring today!


Most of the trends identified in this multipart blog have come about from a mixed bag of sources including a Dulux Colour Designer, magazines, shops and customers.

I complete a bi-monthly “mood” board for the Framer as it’s a good quick visual way to keep him informed with trends.  Basically, it just involves cutting out bits and bobs along with notes and making sure he looks at it.  He finds it very useful.  Either that or he’s just humouring me!


Yellow has featured as a key colour in the last year or so and is currently still a very popular choice for 2011/12.  As the Dulux Colour Designer pointed out, home fashions don’t change as fast as clothes fashions.  Makes sense I suppose!

If you are looking for influences of the past, William Morris could tie in nicely with subtle Yellows.

“Example of William Morris design –sourced from the V&A London website”

If it’s striking and vibrant you want, how about combining it with Blacks?  I love the cool and contemporary design set below:

“Sourced from Google/Good Designs Blog LA (http://thegoodsdesign.blogspot.com/)”

Picture Frames

In terms of picture frames, I think Yellow’s are quite versatile.

For example, if you have a vibrant Yellow feature wall, you could put either a modern black frame or one with a retro modern twist.  Ornate Silver can look both classic and modern (see some of Banksy’s work framed , I love the clash of old and new).  Silvers and soft greys give a nice neutral look.

“Frame completed for a customer: distressed light silver edging and charcoal grey inner with a black mount.  Can look quite dramatic against a Yellow wall”

Keep it warm with Gold’s, plain Oaks or a nice natural Ash frame with a wood stain to bring out the colour and sometimes stripy grain.

A painted matt finish frame in fresh bright white or limed wax on a natural wood frame can look striking or soften it with a richer cream.

If you have splashes of Yellow in your accessories, then you can mix and match in accordance to style and setting.  If you’ve got a mix of traditional and contemporary tastes then antique Brown’s can work well.  Or what about mixing the very trendy “folksy” look with clashes of bright colours?

Get some inspiration by checking out Dulux’s Spring Breeze range http://www.dulux.co.uk/colour/spring_breeze_3

Next Colour Trend to follow…


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