2011 Key Home Colour Trend Two: Green

Fresh, rich and pastel greens are particularly popular at the moment.  You can see the influences from nature in masses of home accessories, paints and wallpapers in stores and magazines.  Even in fashion, you can find bird and butterfly print dresses and tops.

Sage and olive green seems to be very popular in customer’s artwork.  We have had a number of Victorian style prints featuring herbs come through for framing recently.

Once again the past is very prevalent in how people are looking to decorate their homes and we are seeing a lot of customers choose frames that are quite traditional in shape or colour.  Ultra modern is less popular at the moment, but it does depend on the location of your business and we are based in a semi-rural location.

I’ve scanned in the room below, which is featured in May’s edition of Homes & Antiques magazine.  Light green on the walls, sage green boxes and some green accessories.

Whilst looking around at the Ideal Home Show in London this year, I took this photograph (below).  It’s a room set with a feature tilled wall, in green.  If you look closely at the wallpaper at the back, you can see trees with a light green background and some of the accessories are green.  Apologies for the quality, it was taken on my mobile phone!

To take a look at the hottest trend of 2011, fresh greens, check out the Forrest Falls colour range at Dulux http://www.dulux.co.uk/inspiration/latest_trends/index.jsp

Sourced from Dulux.co.uk

Picture Frames

As with the yellows, you can create different looks with greens as they can go with many other colours.

For pastel and subtle greens, I like to keep it quite simple.  As mentioned above, we currently have a lot of artwork coming in that’s very influenced by nature.  So, natural woods are a good option.

Below is a framing job we completed a while ago.  It’s bang on with the subject matter and style.  The frame is a natural Ash wood frame which has been treated to a rich wood stain.  It could look quite striking on a light green wall and both the frame and the subject matter tie in with the nature theme.

Warm Gold frames (see below), Browns, Bronzes and Coppers work well with green and depending on the shape you choose can fit into a traditional or modern setting.

sourced from dreamstime.com

The following framing job (see below) was completed last year.  I love how the frame picks up the colours of the Fox and it looks really rich against a green wall.

White can look fresh against green.  Or for a modern, contemporary bright vibrant green background, use a yellow or black frame.

sourced faiziurbranddesign.com

You could use green as an accent colour in a room and use a green frame to tie in with soft furnishings and accessories.

The print below is very modern and our Framer has used an olive coloured frame to pick up on the olive greens in the building.  The colour is subtle and gives it a clean contemporary feel.


As with the yellows yesterday, greens are also featured in the very trendy “folksy” home style with big clashes of colours.

Next colour trend blog to follow …





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