Better Framing Sells Work – Simples …

The North Somerset Arts Week 2011 is fast approaching at the end of this month.  I thought I would just add to my earlier blog about artists framing their work properly.  How does that song go?  “What a difference a frame makes…..”

The proof, as they say, is in the pudding (although I much prefer a breakfast myself).  So, I was ecstatic when earlier this year, a relatively recent addition to our client list, popped back again with a load more stuff to be framed.

This client has owned a highly respected and beautiful gallery in the area, for many years.  They obviously, get a fair few pieces framed and I guess that before we existed they must have used another company.

They had a number of pieces that had been hanging around for quite a while, that hadn’t managed to sell.  The decision was made to re-frame these, to see if it helped boost sales.

There was nothing wrong with the pieces of course.  Some just needed to be brought a little up to date and some, were just lacking imagination in the framing department!

So after much discussion, and putting trust in the framer’s flair and ability, we framed up the first set.  They have since all sold and the client was extremely happy.  She was convinced that it was the new frames that had given them fresh appeal.  The artwork just needed to be set free and shown off.

So, the surround has a very important job to do.  It must enhance the artwork for whatever reason.  I would say, it’s an integral part of the artwork (not just being biased).  Its job is either to compliment the work by toning, colour and finish or it’s deliberately taking part in the artwork.  By that I mean, it becomes part of the piece itself.

If you’ve really put some thought and effort into the display, presentation and interpretation of your own artwork, then trust me, this shines through and makes people want to reach out and show it off in their own home.

We once had an Artist who refused for years to pay out for framing, mainly because of the expense to her.   She was worried about paying out money, only to find they didn’t sell.  Her work was absolutely stunning (I still have one on my bedroom wall!).

After having a bit of a dip in sales a few years ago, she decided to talk to her clients and also, reluctantly, decided to get some of her work professionally framed.

To her surprise, some of her client’s comments were actually related to the framing.  Two strong comments were; after paying out for the artwork, they were then put off by having the expense of getting it framed or going to the expense of changing an existing frame.  In some cases, the existing framing actually put them off the piece altogether!

You know what I’m going to say now, don’t you?  After getting the framing done, she started to sell more regularly and she kept coming back time and time again!

So, please, if cash is the overriding issue, either learn to execute it yourself properly, or pay out to get it done professionally and factor it in to the overall sale price, otherwise it really can cost you!


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