Art Business Today Editorial

Felt this was worth putting up on the blog…

Annabelle Ruston’s editorial introduction, in the new issue of Art Business Today magazine.

Annabelle is Managing Editor of the magazine (the Fine Art Trade Guild’s magazine).  For me, this is right on the button and echoes through the arts and creative industries.

I quote directly, the following:

“I am glad that trade shows are, in the main, being supplemented by technology, rather than supplanted by it; I don’t believe that anything can replace the value to businesses of meeting suppliers and customers face-to-face.  And no one could walk the floor of Spring Fair International without picking up a handy tip, an indication of a trend or finding a new supplier.

Retailers are giving cautiously optimistic reports.  The public seem to be getting fed up of clone town Britain and are attaching value to independent shops that offer something a bit different.  People are wary about wasting money, so want quality goods that they believe will stand the test of time, which plays into the hands of bespoke framers who emphasise expertise and product knowledge, and gallery owners with a genuine enthusiasm for the artwork they sell”.

Framing Fairy: does this resonate with you, the customer?


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