Calligraphy Exhibition Review – North Somerset

I see people turning their nose up at Calligraphy, think I was actually one of them in the past!

In this game though, you do see a lot of different types of artwork and whatever the medium, I am constantly surprised (and turned off of course!) by what people manage to come up with.

Since we did some of the framing for various individuals at the Mendip Calligraphy Group exhibition, I thought I’d scoot over to Burrington Combe last night to take a peek.

I got the times wrong (sorry Twitter people) it started at 7pm not 6pm.  What a shame, it meant I had to nip into a gorgeous pub for a pint to pass the time (hard job but someone’s got to do it!).

Ok, so Calligraphy doesn’t float everyone’s boat, but I just love to look at all art whether I like it or not.  I love the variety and seeing how different Artists interpret the same medium or subjects.

Apparently, the word Calligraphy is from the Greek for “beauty” and “writing” and is a type of visual art.  So, to me it could be interpreted in a million ways.  Is there an argument that many Tattoos’ are a form of beautiful writing expressed by displaying it on your body?  I think so but you don’t necessarily associate that with “Calligraphy” do you?

Anyway, back to the exhibition.  There were some very traditional pieces and some that could be considered a bit on the “twee” side.  But there were also some very refreshing ideas.  I posted a picture on Twitter of a 3D art piece, framed by us, that was at the exhibition.  I must say I rather liked it.

Overall, the pieces were expressive, bright and in some cases very creative.

I took a couple of pictures but not enough as I was too busy chatting!

You can still visit the exhibition today (Sat 4 June 2011) until 5pm and tomorrow 10am – 5pm.  Their next exhibition is at the Wells Museum on the 15th July-31st July 2011.

Well, worth some of your time I would say and if you make it a trip to include The Plume of Feathers pub just down the road at Rickford, then all the better!

















































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