Gallery@ – Art Review – Weston-Super-Mare

On a grey wet and windy Friday evening, a new gallery space in the centre of Weston-Super-Mare opened its doors for the first time.  Unfortunately, when this was happening, I was stuck in torrential rain, gridlocked on the M5.  I arrived late, missed everyone but still managed to view the exhibition, thankfully!

Upon entering, I must say that after the madness of the M5 chaos, I felt a little surprised that the men in white coats had come for me.  I gratefully found out later, that in fact they were the owners of gallery space upstairs.  I’m still not clear what they do downstairs to be honest.  Something to do with digital photography printing, I believe.  Still, I’m confused with the white coats (move on George, there’s no conspiracy here).

After being accosted by two delightfully silly young boys to sign their arms or I can’t come in, which I of course did, I made my way upstairs to the gallery.

What a lovely light space!  Painted White floors and walls, made the light flood in.  It’s very large and spacious.

There are a number of North Somerset Artists showing here including Nick Sparks, Annie Taylor, Derrick Stenner, Gail Mason, Ian Shipton and many more until the 6th of August and its well worth a visit.  You will find a variety of work on display from glass to sculpture and from photography to paintings.  The space definitely lends itself to art and photography.

Admission is free and it’s an ideal place to spend a rainy Saturday afternoon!  Some snaps below (I use the term snaps loosely, as the light was so bright, that my phone camera didn’t do a great job!) …


Digital Photo Studio, 3 Locking Road, Weston-Super-Mare BS23 3BY (opposite Tesco).  01934 626616.  Open every day apart from Sunday from 11am to 5pm.






































































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