Weston College Summer Show 2011

Private View Tuesday 14 June

My, what a busy show this was!  I must admit to have not been able to make one before, so this was my first time.

The site, at Loxton Road, was absolutely heaving and I had to park in a nearby housing estate.

It took me right back to attending various art school shows at Camberwell & Chelsea, great buzz and probably relief that the day had finally come!

You got a free drinks voucher for the bar upstairs which was nice and the artwork was hanging not just in the dedicated rooms but also in the corridors.

The show, which opened to the public on Wednesday 15 June, is run by the Faculty of Creative Arts and features Higher Education, Further Education and A Level students on courses including art and design, graphics, photography, fashion and media production.

The standard of the work on display was absolutely amazing!  It’s so nice to see everything from fashion to graphics.

What I love about a show such as this, is the contrast between optimism and scepticism.  It’s really nice to see raw talent on view in one place.  Minds that haven’t been moulded to the art world’s way of thinking yet.

From a framing point of view, you don’t really expect there to be any real level of thought at this stage (although, I do think there should be a frame appreciation section on these courses or talks about displaying / framing work for galleries or portfolios!).

Some of the photography was mounted/pressed onto foamboard and displayed without a frame.  Whilst this looks really effective (both in terms of visual and cost), I do have a slight niggle.  If you are going to do this, do it well and if you took it somewhere to be done, take it back!

Some of the work had cockled, bubbled up or were tatty on the edges.  I know it’s all about the artwork, but the way it’s presented should also be important and it’s good to learn that early on.

All in all, such a fab show.  Some really well thought out poignant work and some very personal.  Some made you think, some made you smile and some just made you go ohhhhh …

Well done all who were involved, hope to see you for framing one day and you can still see it up until Wednesday 22 June.  More details can be found at http://www.weston.ac.uk/node/5464.

Some of my favourite bits from the shown below … yes, the one with the Chicken does say “protect your pecker” genius!



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