A little birdie told me…

On a nice June evening in Bristol, I went to my first ever “Tweet Meet” hosted by Whitelock & Grace in Clifton and organised by What’s Hot Bristol.  Feel very naughty for not reviewing this before, tut tut!   

For those not in the know, a Tweet Meet is where you meet face to face with people that you converse with on Twitter.  Whoever said that these social media tools would be the end of gatherings or human interaction?  Well, in my experience it’s quite the opposite!

Tickets for the event went on sale the week before at £3 each and had sold out by time the event came along!  For that price you were offered a free Cocktail and gorgeous food.

Whitelock and Grace is an intimate cocktail bar next to Clifton Down train station.  It’s got a very cool feel to it, great tunes and even better cocktails.  Bristol based Photographer, James Koch (from Don’t Forget The Sun) is involved with the bar and I had previously been there for a preview of James’ short film.

The bar was packed when I arrived and the event was in full swing.  The atmosphere was great, everyone was chatting away happily.  I personally got to talk to a few people including a Photographer who made enquires about framing.

Another couple I met are also arranging their own Tweet Meet in my area and generally it was good to put faces to names.  There were all sorts of people there, quite a lot that have their own businesses or are photographers, artists or freelancers.  It was great to get such a variety of people in one place.

I thought the evening was a great success and it’s good to build up relationships with potential customers and/or explore using some of the services offered from other attendees.  I wish everyone had name badges on though, as it’s easier to connect with those you have been talking to online.

If another one was arranged, I certainly would go again and I would highly recommend it to anyone either with an established or startup business.

Should you be passing that way, drop into the bar.  All details below.


Location: Whitelock and Grace Cocktail Bar, Whiteladies Gate (by the top of the steps to Clifton Down Station), Whiteladies Road, BS8 2PH Bristol

Date: 9 June 2011

Organisers: What’s Hot In Bristol

Food & drink contributors: @whitelock_grace @chandosdeli @HartsBakery @lahlootea

Music by: DJ Paul Robbins (The Pipe & Slippers) with a selection of soul, funk and motown


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