North Somerset Tweet Meet

Last night, I attended North Somerset’s first Tweet Meet organised by local couple Kev and Sarah Leighton.

This is my second Tweet Meet this year and it’s a great way to meet your followers, contacts or just likeminded people in your area.  If you’re cynical about it, don’t worry you’re not the only one!

It is a bizarre concept really.  It is after all, a social, with a bunch of strangers (usually those who have their own businesses).

All I can say is give it go.  Once the initial ice is broken and everyone is chitty chatting, the time soon goes! I found myself rushing at the last minute to get the bus home!

The North Somerset Tweet Meet was held at the newly refurbished George at Backwell on the A370.   It was a great choice of venue.  We had a little area to ourselves and it was easy to move around to talk to people and get drinks.  Did you know they have a Dungeon Function Room there for hire?  It’s gorgeous, but I digress!

The ticket price is £3 per person and for that you get some gorgeous food to munch on.  The food was exceptional.  Yes, it was finger food of course, but I have to say, you could tell a lot of thought had gone into it with breaded Chicken, rolled in seeds like Pumpkin.  Well, I hadn’t had it before!  Lovely breads, Olive Oil and roasted Garlic dip, Meat Balls etc.  Look, I’m not a food reviewer but they did us proud.

A neat idea of Kev and Sarah’s was to run a raffle.  If you put your business card into a pot, someone picks one at random and that person won a three course meal at the George!  What a fab idea.  Can we have it again next time?  I want to win!  Congratulations to Ruth for winning!

So, yes, it was fun actually, it’s great to hook up with people in your local area.  One lady that I had met via Twitter had some framing done by us and we delivered it to the Pub!  (Ding dong framing pub deliveries!).

When you go to these events, it’s good to just go with an open mind.  It’s unlikely that you are going to do any real “business” there and then on the night.  If you go with that intention, you may be disappointed.

Think about it, if you turn up and your (and just randomly) an Events Organiser, it’s unlikely that everyone or even someone has suddenly thought after meeting you, oh, yes, that’s just what I need right now!  No, what is more likely to happen is that you are in their mind.  Six months down the line, if they have a need for your services, you are going to be the first person they think of.  That’s good business isn’t it?  Forward business planning…

So, my advice would be to go with the view of meeting a bunch of people, eating nice food, having a few drinks and just finding out what people are up to.  Keep an open mind, swap cards and have a giggle.  From experience, this works!

So, the evening went well.  There’s another planned for September time.  Go on, come along, you know you want to!

Thanks to Kev and Sarah for being great hosts.  See you all at the next one!

Organisers: @kevleighton & @sarleighton

Venue: @TheGeorgeBwell – The George, 125 Farleigh Road, Backwell, North Somerset BS48

Ticket sales were from






2 responses to “North Somerset Tweet Meet

  • Kevin Leighton

    Hi George. It was such a pleasure to see you and everybody else at the TweetMeet and you are right, The George did us all proud.

    It’s great to have a social event with the common theme of ‘local business people’ without the pressure of a formal ‘networking’ environment.

    No-one has to network but the opportunities are there if people want to take them.

    I will be organising another in September and look forward to seeing you then if not before.


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