Ding dong, framing calling…

More a “Dear Diary” entry today really.

It makes such a refreshing change when you go out to a customer framing consultation on their home turf.  Learning about your potential customers in this way can be a valuable and rewarding experience.  Helping form strong relationships and trust.

The Framer and I went out to a rather enormous former Vicarage, turned boarding school, turned holiday business in the beautiful Somerset countryside yesterday.

We were there to discuss framing, re-framing, possibly restoration and cleaning of pictures.  After being in the family for a number of years, it would be nice to be given the opportunity to give these pieces a new lease of life.

What an absolute treat to spend a couple of hours in nice company, with an extremely friendly dog and a chicken living in the kitchen!

A wonderful array of pictures to quote for, some advice given to the owners and a nice tour around the grounds and outbuildings.

It’ll be a pleasure to go back with samples, ideas and costs and if nothing should come of it, the experience in itself was worth the journey.

It’s worth remembering that each visit will always give you something to take away with you.  Whether it’s new ideas or the chance to see a beautiful old property with a rich history.

I’ll keep you posted …


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