Get something individual framed!

If I was asking me a question today, it would go something like this …

Dear Framing Fairy

When flicking through a major home magazine today, I came across a collection of new must have’s, what’s in and what’s out type section.  In it, there was a lovely set of Butterflies, displayed in a boring black frame.

Have you any suggestions to make my life and home more interesting?

Dear blog reader … funny you should say that!  I can’t help you with your life but I do have a suggestion that might make your home more interesting.  How about buying something very individual and getting it framed?  This could be anything, an antique find, piece of  jewellery or art, a treasured photograph, a child’s lock of hair, a picture they’ve painted or even a Butterfly!

In fact the possibilities are endless!  Then, take it to a reputable Framer. They could help you create an highly individualistic piece that no one else is likely to have hanging in their home!  Hey presto!

OK, so I’m being sarcastic and very possibly a tad grumpy today!

But it does amaze me how much some of these pieces cost at high street stores.  For not a lot more money (and in some cases, the same or cheaper), you could have something so much more special!  Sure, take ideas and designs from the magazines of course!  But also, make them your own.

If I had a penny for every time I’ve seen some really nice prints or posters, that have then been given the obligatory white mount, black frame whether it goes or not, well, let’s just say, my credit card bill would be healthier!


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