Open Edition Printmaking Exhibition – Bristol

Open Edition is the work of six students, who have completed an MA in Printmaking at the University of Wales, Newport.

The exhibition held at Centrespace Gallery in central Bristol features a range of high calibre work using Printmaking skills.

Although tucked away, Centrespace is easily found and is located down the quirky ancient “alley” of Leonard Lane, just off the bottom of Corn Street.  It’s a fabulous art space, with high ceilings making it feel light and airy.

As ever my reviews are based on my experience of the space and presentation of the work.

We were there to lend our support to Vikki Hall and to view her collection which we recently framed for the show.  It’s always lovely to see the finished collection in situ and this was no exception.

Vikki Hall's Collection

Vikki’s beautiful collection entitled ‘Acquire and Reconfigure’, experiments with Screenprint Monoprinting both on paper and textiles.  I love the idea that disguarded textiles are reused to produce some of her pieces.  You can read more about her work by visiting .  Personally, Vikki’s Textile pieces wouldn’t be out of place in a Vivienne Westward collection (chaos & control vs anarchy & art?), quick someone contact her immediately!

Vikki Hall

Framing choices were kept simple.  Conversations between Vikki and the Framer, were that a minimalistic approach was best for viewing in the intended space.  The Artist had a clear vision of the overall finished collection.  White Frames and White background allows the viewer to explore the intentions without complication.

Vikki Hall

The simplicity of using two Acrylic panel frames for a couple of items was also a good idea, but personally, I sometimes find Acrylic slightly harder to view through, depending on the light.  A piece from another Artist, also had some sort of plastic frontage, which in my opinion distorted the artwork (unless that was intended!).  Wonderful because it’s light and easy to use , easy to transport etc. but at times can take away from the piece (depending on the grade of plastic & the environmental influences).

These panels work excellently on some work, and can be a statement in itself, but it does need thinking about.  It may be that the work needed to be up against the Acrylic to stop the distortion?

Private View - Centrespace gallery

In terms of Framing, nothing bad really screamed out at me and the whole set up looked very professionally hung.   From a personal of view, I would have liked to see more imagination and thought go into the framing.

Private View Centrespace, Bristol - Danuta Foks Collection

For example, Alex Graves’ ornate frames spray painted in different colours were really great and I felt that the frames were as much part of the artwork as the pictures.  To me these had been well matched to the artwork and completed the look.  The pictures and frames put me in mind of Banksy.  Generally, I love the twist between modern and traditional.  Another clever idea was the engraved plaques on the bottom of the frames one of which read “Death” to accompany the piece.

Alex Graves Collection

Alex Graves - Plaques

Nothing to do with Framing but I was extremely impressed with his artwork on stone.  Stunning pieces, which I would love to own!  Very creative thinking and beautifully executed.  Did anyone else think surname Graves / artwork on headstone, or is it just me?

Alex Graves' Artwork on Stone

The Copper panels also caught my eye again like Vikki and Alex great to use different materials.

Carly Llewellyn Collection

Great to see quite a bit of “float mounting” on various pieces.  This is where you can see the “torn” edges of the art paper.  It’s mounted onto board to show the edges off, rather than hiding them with over mounting.  I particularly like this method as it makes the picture feel alive and free.  Would have liked to have seen more space around some of the pieces though.  It can look as though you’ve squeezed it into a frame, which is a shame.  Some of it also seemed to be quite close to the glass.  Let your artwork breathe!

Our Framer, chatting to another artists customer of ours!

Don’t forget to look closely at Danuta Foks’ pieces.  I really like that fact that the more you look, the more you see.  The Harder you look, the deeper the layers, the more images pop up.

I urge you to go and see this exhibition for yourself, it’s on until this Wednesday (14 September 2011).  I highly recommend it and might try and sneak down again myself if I get the chance.  A diverse range of well thought out & executed work.

Artists participating are:

  • Vikki Hall
  • Alex Graves
  • Danuta Foks
  • Carly Llewellyn
  • Stina Preece
  • Neil Smithson


Wed 14th Sep: 11am – 5pm

Contact details: and

Leonard Lane, Bristol.

Great film about the space can viewed here:


Centrespaces Map of where to find them



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