Bridget Winterbourne Open Studio – Wrington

On a wet but sunny Sunday afternoon, off I trek to Wrington to see a customer’s exhibition.  As part of the Made in North Somerset Food & Crafts Showcase, Bridget opened up her studio at home, to the public for the first time.

In a stunning setting, Bridget had set aside her studio & conservatory as a temporary gallery space.  Both wonderfully light and elevated, you couldn’t have displayed her pieces in a better location.  The work looked as though it was just meant to live there.

I’m finding it hard to write independently about her work, since I already really like it a lot having seen many pieces come through our framing studio.  We’ve completed the majority of the framing for Bridget.  So again that’s a hard for me to critique.

Long discussions took place during the consultations between Andy (the Framer) and Bridget.  As a result, the framing is well considered and compliments her work.

Bridget splits her time between North Somerset & the North Cornish coast and the coast inspires much of her work.

Bridget Winterbourne Studio frame is hand limed Ash wood

Bridget works in acrylic and acrylic inks, her pieces are full of vibrant blues and dark stormy grey/ green skies & cliffs with crashing waves.  The stormy greys that Bridget manages to capture, are one of my favourite elements in her work.  In addition, her bright landscapes and quirky subjects such as Seagulls all go to make up a beautiful collection.  I love the way the work swings between tranquillity and moody both draw you in equally.

Bridget Winterbourne

Some work is on canvas but my favourite pieces are on art paper.  Some have been over mounted and then framed but I absolutely love the pieces that have been “float” mounted so that the wonderfully jaggered edges can be seen in all their glory.  These really add to the drama.

Bridget Winterbourne Hand Stained Obeche Frame. Picks out the low brown tones in the painting

Andy chose to “loosely float” mount some of these, not to everyone’s cup of tea (and discussions with Bridget leaves her divided too) but I love the organic way they hang and think it looks less uniform on natural subjects.  I somehow feel that, sticking them flat would be a shame but it’s definitely a personal preference!

I really enjoyed looking at Bridget’s work in situ and could have quite happily sat there all afternoon getting lost in the pictures!

A note on the dressing of the studio.  I really loved the fact that Bridget and her Sister brought in objects, furniture and flower arrangements to compliment the artwork.  It was beautifully done.  This is a real lesson in how to display and dress a room for open studios!  Even the most basic of rooms or rented hall can come alive with a bit of thought.  It will also allow buyers to see how it could look in their homes.  Dressing a room doesn’t have to be expensive, just some deep thought about layout, resourcefulness, imagination and some cleaning!

With Bridget taking part in the Chew Valley Arts Trail in a couple of weeks and two of the Wrington Open Studios during November, I urge you to go and take a look!

Some more pictures below:

Bridget Winterbourne Hand Limed Ash Frames


Bridget's Sister also contributed some painted objects

The Framer having a look around Bridget's studio - sorry Andy not very flattering but it's got a frame of ours on the easel!


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