Tweet Meet – North Somerset – Sept

Arrived rather late but still plenty of time to catch up with everyone who attended the Tweet Meet, Thursday evening at The George, Backwell.

Once again the food provided by The George was lovely and we had an area reserved at the back of the pub.  It was good to have the name labels too and when I arrived, there were hubs of people chitty chatting about life, business and the universe.

Kev and Sarah Leighton made great hosts as before and everyone seemed to be enjoying a relaxed social evening.

Some new faces were there and some familiar to another group I go to but it was their first time at this Tweet Meet.  People really seem to be catching on to the idea that meeting people online and then face to face in this kind of group can be really beneficial.

I got to talk to Dickie Armour about my new business venture and will be going to him for some much needed training. I managed to talk through a dilemma with my 4Networking friend, Ann-See Yeoh which put my mind at rest and meet a couple of existing customers along the way.  Not forgetting that talking to Paula White about her training business was also insightful.

I ear wigged on a conversation about Photographers and Artists providing galleries and shops with greeting cards and hope I was able to offer advice on pricing point and as a gallery shop owner myself was able to shed light, on the reasoning behind how much and why business owners will only pay so much for something.  Food for thought!

So that’s what it’s all about!  Yes I have gone to some of these events and got business from them.   But mainly I go along to connect with people, hopefully be able to offer advice or assistance and seek advice for myself … all over a glass or two.  Hard work but someone’s gotta do it!

Congratulations to Dickie Armour who won the business card raffle!  Lucky bugger won a three course Sunday lunch at the George.  How selfish to take his wife and not any of us!

Kev came up with the possible idea of including a “supplier / producers” night next time.  With North Somerset food and drink businesses being invited.  Sounds a winner to me Kev.  Tastings of Wine, Beer, Cheese or other food and drinks from local producers, what could be better, I’m in!

Thanks again to Kev and Sarah for organising another most enjoyable evening.


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