Review of the Digerarti and the Glitterarti – Gallery@

After my long day at Interiors UK (see previous blog), I was up fairly early to get into Weston-Super-Mare for the launch of The Digerarti and The Glitterarti exhibition.

With the wind blowing hard and in the peeing rain, there I was standing on the Grand Pier, oh the glamour!  Here they were unveiling a 15ft banner to publicise the launch.  Thoroughly good fun.

A team of over 20 talented artists and digital creative’s  lined up in the wonderful West Country weather to show off examples of their work (on the banner).  This marked the launch a new digital community hub and the opening of a new art exhibition at the Gallery.

After the publicity event, I walked back (in the rain, are you feeling sorry for me yet?) to see what it was all about (oh and to get my breakfast of coffee & a pastry!).

Members of the ‘Digerarti’ and ‘Glitterarti’ are from Bristol and Somerset are and include both first-time exhibitors and renowned award winners.

The eclectic mix of services offered by the Digerarti include web design, app creation, photography, videography and more. Whilst the work of the Glitterarti include sculpture, collage, tattoo and street artistry as well as more traditional art mediums such as portraiture and seascapes.

On view were wonderful displays by Chris Harding of Mouse Proud and 3D Film Maker Neil Richards.  Quirky Photographs were also being shown including a set from Rupert Marlow.

Upstairs in the light and airy space that is the gallery, are a mix of Sculpture and Artwork from a range of Artists such as the always superb, Jane Cartney.

This exhibition is ongoing and will change on a regular basis to showcase new and exciting work.  Well worth a visit.

The Digerarti and the Glitterarti can be seen at The Gallery @ in the Digital Photo Studio, Locking Road, Weston-super-Mare, BS23 3BY – Twitter @oldmemories_new


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