Black is the new black …

Black mounts … Ooooo scary!

We get this quite a lot; people seem to have a phobia about black mounts.  They are too heavy, unfashionable and not neutral enough.  The customer will cry “Black? Yuk!” and look at it as if you really don’t know what you are talking about.  Next time this happens, if you are confident that Black would be the right choice for the picture, quietly put it down with the other choices.  Quite often, you’ll hear “oh actually…”

It all depends on your picture of course and what frame you decide on.  Sometimes choosing a mount just because you think it’s neutral can make it look wishy washy, dead or worse still …  just OK.

Black can look stunning and make a picture really jump out.  It can be that extra punch it needs.  It can go with a contemporary look or a more traditional look.

Set of family black & white photo’s. Oak frame provides a nice contrast to the black mount. Used white core mountboard to give a crisp white edge on the two outer pictures. It’s a nice contemporary look which makes the photo’s jump forward rather than merging into the mount.

If the picture is dark in nature, say like a black and white photograph, choose a black mount that has a White core to give a crisp edge.  If you want it to blend in or the picture is light, you could choose a black core.

Note: the core is the colour you see on the inside of the mount when you cut through it.  For example, you can get a white mount with a black core running through it, like the picture below.  Try to avoid anything with a cream core (although this can work with a very old picture) as the core will tend to yellow over time.  Most Framers tend not to stock cream core anymore as it’s not of conservation quality.  Anyway, I digress.

So, there’s not a lot else to say really but all I’m saying is … don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it.

More examples below …


With the medals mounted initially on a neutral board and the script on white paper. Once again the black mount provides a contrast with the squares and the frame.

Close up of the same frame


Certificate, black draws you in and pulls out the greeny/olive colouring in the certificate and frame.










Sometimes a little subtlety is required!

Memorabilia works well with black, used white edging to emphasize

“letter box” type black mount with white core. Blends with frame and then the outer part of the frame compliments the photo.

Similar colouring and same frame


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