Bristol Guild Gallery-Through Another’s Eyes Review

Well, I have to say, straight in here with a wow!   What a good quality exhibition by these collection of Artists.

Most of us in this area would have been to the Bristol Guild Gallery on Park Street at one point or another.  It’s a really nice space at the top of the building.  It’s got good light and a nice feel to it.

I thought the exhibition was really well laid out and it made for a lot to look at.  The group complimented each other’s work beautifully with a good number of bits to buy to suit all budgets.  From gorgeous one off original artworks to wonderful handmade broaches.

I went along after an invite from Customer, Textile Artist and fellow North Somerset Arts Committee Member, Debbie Pawle.  It’s always lovely to see new works and also see some our own framing work in situ.  Debbie’s work is contemporary.  Her highly desirable pieces of textile art would add a touch of class to any home.  I loved the way she laid and hung some of the collection on pieces of driftwood, showing them off to the full.  (the Framing wasn’t bad either!).

Apart from the scrumptious wearable pieces such as scarf style necklaces and broaches (which I particularly fell in love with), there are a set of works, set in acrylic cases.  These were really different and if I’d had the money, I’d have brought a piece like shot, absolutely stunning.  As were the monochrome fabric vessels.

I have to be honest and say that all the framing in the exhibition was of tip top quality.  I’m very pleased to say that for a change!  Liz Hewitt’s work had been framed beautifully and the block mounted photographs by Dominic Hewitt were of excellent quality (along with the work) with the sides finished off just prefectly.

Overall, it was really nice to see a whole exhibition of good quality and not one artist’s work let down the others.

Fabulous guys, well done and well worth seeing!

You can still catch this exhibition until the 7th of July, you can see more information here along with a list of who is exhibiting.


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