Creating A Framing Monster!

I’ve had an interesting week this week.  We’ve had a school work experience lad in the workshop and it’s been great fun!

It really makes you see what you do in your business, how much there is to the day to day stuff and how the things you do automatically are hard to share!  I had times when I lost the plot myself!

The aim this week was to show all aspects of the business from the boring routine stuff to the some rather more exciting and practical stuff.  I hope we’ve achieved it between us!

So, we’ve spent all week showing how to cut and fit frames, cut mounts, clean glass, do some hand finishing & hand painting of frames, how to serve a customer, telephone work, picking out and matching frames to pictures, online work, I mean you name it, we’ve covered it!  He’s taken everything we’ve thrown at him, and I think I’ve made some parts of my job redundant!  Taxi!

At the end of the week, I thought it would be a good idea to take him out on a trip to Bristol.  The idea was that, taking into account everything he’s learnt about the process this week, it would be nice to see work in situ.  This would round off his experience.  So, off we went to visit a few galleries in Bristol with different types of Art.  The trip ended with the owner of Lime Tree Gallery, kindly taking some time out to explain how important frames are to artwork and how seriously as a seller of Art she takes it.  This was fabulous and even from my point of view it was fascinating.

Andy teaching Billz some finishing touches

As we walked around all the places, I was delighted at how much he’d take on board.  Even picking up on debris and dust inside the frames, over cuts on mounts, and even where he didn’t think the frame did the picture justice!

At the end of it all, he remarked “I’ll be doing that all the time now, everywhere I go”.  So, have we created a framing monster?!  Just so long as he doesn’t find anything wrong with ours eh!

I highly recommend taking on work experience, it’s an insight for both parties!  Thanks Billz, you’ve been a great pupil.

Cleaning some glass



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