Cardboard Frames!

A short and sweet entry today … an age old story in our game, but worth bringing up every now and then.  Artist comes in, panicking about some exhibition pieces which needed to be in that day.  She had brought black ready frames from a well known high street chain.

When she got to the exhibition hand in day, they told her that she had the wrong hanging system on the back and therefore they wouldn’t accept it.

She brought the pieces into us to get some d-rings and string for the back, replacing what was already on there.  The Frames she brought in were made of compressed cardboard (you’ll find this a lot with factory made ready frames), and so when we went to put the screws in, the frame was of such poor quality, that the hangings were just not going to be secure enough.   We basically got around the problem, but I wouldn’t bet my life on those pictures not falling off the wall any time soon!  (of course we did warn her of this).

In the end, I reckon the extra screws, d-rings and yards of picture cord ended up costing half as much again as the frames in the beginning!

For advice, ideas and options for how to save money (but still thinking about your buyer and presentation) or when to spend out on getting something framed professionally see some related blogs I’ve written previously:  Art Versus Budget or Better Framing Sells Work – Simples! 


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