End of year thoughts…

Haven’t had time to blog for a little while.  So, one year after moving to our new framing premises, from Cleeve to Chelvey, where has the time gone?

Every year it’s important to look over your business with fresh eyes and try new things, see what’s working and what isn’t and build on what you already have.  Take a look at your surroundings, see what you can do to inspire your customers in terms of what can be done.  Be creative, give information and give them a visual guide of materials and ideas.

Next year though, I’m going to do something that we all forget to do.  Take a look at yourself, see if you are getting the best out of your business and are you getting what you need?

Without dwelling, this year I’ve lost a family member, a dear friend and fellow red wine drinker and various other minor disasters.  It’s said all too often that life is too short and health is so precious.

If you are happy and fulfilled then that also shows in your surroundings and the way you come across.  This year, I continued to be a voluntary committee member for an Arts organisation in my spare time, something I did for myself and because I have a passion for promoting the Arts.  I’ve gained experience in running all sorts of art events and have become responsible for their events and social media.

This gave me the confidence to make a decision to apply for a part time job (working around the business).  I did this for me, but it will have an impact on my business.  I start in January helping to manage a fantastic Arts Centre in the area.  This has actually given me more enthusiasm for the framing business and the outside influence of dealing with art on a daily basis, should get my creative juices going, and I can pass those ideas onto our Framer.

So, my advice to you all is, sometimes, just sit and look at your business and see how you sit within that business and see how you feel.  Do something for you and it might just inject some extra passion into your work.

Have a lovely Christmas and New Year!


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