Antlers do it again!

It’s been a while, sorry no images…oops

I’ve been to a few Antlers shows in the last couple of years but their latest offering “Spatial” has to be my favourite so far!  In their blurb it introduces the show as bringing together five artists that explore ideas of architecture and space with their practice.

For starters, Antlers Nomadic Gallery are just great at finding quirky spaces to show in.  This time, we were led to a disused industrial unit near Temple Meads Station (the description of which, does not do the space justice).  The space is unfinished with wires hanging about but still has a beauty all of it’s own.  What I admire about Antlers is the vision.

The winning combination of finding great artists and spaces just gets better and better for me.

There was something really peaceful and spacey about wondering around (helped by the appropriate music).  Just hanging some of the works on chains, suspended from the ceiling, gave it such a hugely different feel.  It just changed the whole experience for me. Yes, something as simple as that!  The simplicity is also the genius of it though.  In contrast, the artworks have so much going on, sometimes complex and the level of detail and depth just takes your breath away.

Having seen some photos of the private view, they didn’t do the Shard 1 & 2, (made using Mild Sheet Steel & Glass) pieces (by Josie Irvine) any justice at all, Seeing it in the flesh was a must and I loved how it merged into and reflected the buildings around as well as the harsh interior, it felt like it lived there.

As ever the artworks and artists chosen, worked brilliantly with each other.  Jonny Byles, Starscape(s) are amazing but I can’t pick out any one  artist over the other.

With a brief touch on the framing side, as is quite normal, most were simple black or white frames, all of which suited and were executed very well in the main.  My only advice on this side would be that one of the bigger pieces suspended, in particular, suffered from light pollution which obscured your vision from almost all angles.  Perhaps an investigation into the different types of Art Glass which have more of a true view than you get with plain glass and would have “less” reflection.  It’s a difficult one, as it means more monetary investment in framing, but in my opinion is worth it.  Using non reflective would have killed the piece, so well done for not using that!

This show is over now but you can see images and catch up on the conversation buzz at

Congratulations on another fab show!  What will they do next?  Would be a pleasure to entice them up to the new exhibitions space I manage just outside Bristol?  We’ll see!

Artists were: Josie Irvine, Jonny Byles, Geoff Diego Litherland, Matthieu Leger and Sarah Jeffs.



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