2014 – I’m afraid I no longer have the time to update this blog but hope to either update it in the future, or pass it on for someone else to add to.  I still have a love for framing but my full time role is exhibition development, so I’m still fully immersed in the arts and creative industries. 

Background (from 2011)

After working in an office for far too long, nearly 10 years ago, I was given the opportunity to set up in business with a Picture Framer.

My Dad has been an amateur Photographer for as long as I can remember and my Sister is an extremely gifted Fine Artist.  I’ve always admired them both greatly.  I followed my interest in Photography but felt disengaged with my creative side, as I just never really cut it.  Unfortunately, I don’t have the lovely gift to make me a decent Artist, but I’m ok with that one as I see myself more as an enthusiast and enabler as it were!

When I moved to the South West, I took a City & Guilds in Photography (and passed it!) and later, this was the idea behind the business I started and ran until late 2013.  These days that business is still going strong, is safely in someone else’s hands and it’s all about the Framing (and rightly so!).

The business was the best thing that’s ever happened to me, up until whatever happens next that is!   I’ve gone from not knowing a single thing, thinking that I haven’t a creative bone in my body to wanting to shout to anyone that’ll listen about all things art and framing.  I’ve discovered a love for art, colour, design & service that I always enjoyed but never got the chance to go deeper.

I wanted to combine my love of framing, art and interior design with communication and technology, hence starting this blog back in early 2011.  Communication is still key in my current roles.

I’d gone as far as I felt that I could in the business in 2011 and short of going back to the practical side of Framing, which I’d had enough of, I felt it was time to start a new chapter in my life.  I was heading for 40 and I needed something that was just for me and which combined my passion for the Arts.  So, in 2011, I volunteered to become a Committee Member for an Arts Organisation.  I quickly became heavily involved and it was clear where my love lie.

I ended up running their social media, communications and their exhibitions, arts weeks and events.  I am currently still involved with this organisation, which is going from strength to strength.  I discovered a lot about where I wanted to be and what I loved to do.  This led me to the full time role I’m now in, managing an exhibition space and diverse programme.

I hope you enjoy following this blog and along the way I hope I shared enough knowledge and thoughts, to help you.  I’d be happy if you just came here for the enjoyment!  Either way, spread me around (if you get my drift!).

Note: Views on this blog are my personal views, thoughts and what I deem to be helpful information.  If you are unsure, always get second opinions before committing to getting work framed, refer to other professional bodies where appropriate and discuss suitable options with your Framer.


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