Although this blog is intended as promotion of Art and Picture Framing in general, I did have a framing business in North Somerset which is still going under new management and which I highly recommend.   Contact details as follows:

Workshop site: The Framers Chelvey (formerly Gallery 370), Brickyard Wood Barns, Little Chelvey Farm, North Somerset BS48 4AB (20mins drive outside Bristol)

T: 01275 218754



Twitter: @framerschelvey

Framing Fairy e-mail:

OPEN: Tue-Fri 10am to 5.30pm & Sat 10am to 2pm

4 responses to “Contact

  • James Patrick Casey, Esq.

    …Hello in North Somerset…have spent a great deal of time in England…headquartered in Frolesworth and traveled throughout the country that I most enjoy and love…the Lake District is a special favorite…if I may ask a question…my father was a surgeon in New York (I live in the Wine Country of Northern California) and had special license plates for his car…this is in the early 1950’s…I want to frame one of the plates and give it to my oldest son, who bears his grandfather’s name, as a Christmas gift…the plate is, of course, metal and measures 7″x14″…would greatly appreciate any advice, suggestions or points on the compass that I might pursue to see this little project through to fruition…this is a wonderful website and am glad to find such a place in this very troubled world…”Lifts me above the ground with cheerful thoughts”(Shakepeare)…Cheers!

    • Framing Fairy

      Hi there & hello from North Somerset 🙂

      Sounds like a lovely piece to get framed. Firstly, I would recommend that you go into to see a couple of local Framers to discuss and show them the piece, it’s always good to get face to face advice and quite often, through talking about it you come to a great creative decision together!

      Secondly, without seeing the piece, this would be my initial suggestion (and is my personal opinion) and if it’s for Christmas, start looking around for advice and frames now! There is no reason why this should not be a straightforward job. The number plate could be mounted on to a piece of mount board using an acid free gel and subsequently framed using a deep rebated moulding. In view of the sentimental value, I may suggest a superior standard of glass that would give you UV protection and a true view of the object. I would not be using non-reflective glass as it will obstruct the view. You could have no glass, but I would be worried about the mountboard getting dusty (unless it’s mounting onto wood which is another consideration) etc. You could also consider having something extra included like a script or plaque dedicated to the person it’s intended for or some other wording. There may be other options, so chatting over with a Framer that you trust, is a great starting point.

      Hope this helps! Good luck! Be great for you to reply to this thread when you have it done, to let us all know how it turned out and what you ended up doing!

  • Lynda Hollingsworth

    Hi – What would be a good glass choice for colored pencil art that is embellished with Swarvoski crystals ?
    The art will be in a hospital lobby , but I’m not sure of the wall position / lighting at this time .
    Thanks !

    • Framing Fairy

      Hi there, I no longer run this blog which is why I didn’t see the question, many apologies. I guess you have an answer now, but since the piece sounds like it will have a 3D element, I wouldn’t recommend non-reflective because it can give a “blurring” effect to the piece. I would suggest going along to your local Framer and trying out some samples of some sort of Art grade glass which I think (but you would need to check) also has anti-reflective properties. From memory something like ClearView … but as I say, I no longer run the blog so I am going from memory. Thanks.

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